Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

What Is Cannabis

In UK alone, it is estimated that 4 million people are addicted to Cannabis. Cannabis is the most commonly abused illicit psychotropic substance.

The plant from which Cannabis is derived is cannabis. The method of preparation involves drying the plant and grinding it into crumbs which are then smoked like a pipe or cigarette. You can also directly ingest cannabis through Cannabis edibles.

Cannabis edibles are foods containing cannabis in them, like chocolate bars, and they are just as potent as cannabis sticks which people smoke.

People looking to experience higher levels of intoxication have also used a certain resin that is acquired by concentrating extracts of the plant. This drug, otherwise referred to as "dabs," may come in form of wax-like substance, a viscid liquid or hard, crystalline material which is more or less like candy that can be heated and snorted. Shatter, wax and budder are other names associated with this substance.

In certain states, the use of Cannabis for medical purposes is legal and in some, recreational use is also allowed. As medicine, it is used for pain and stress relief as well as boosting appetite. For achieving infamous "high" and for reducing stress, Cannabis is used. There are more than one name for Cannabis, like grass, ganja, dope, pot, weed, reefer, and maryjane.

Cannabis is a controverted drug, with many advocates for and against its use. Fuelled by misconceptions and misinformation about its risks, Cannabis addiction still exist today.

Abuse And Effects Of Cannabis

Cannabis being a psychoactive substance, it alters the user's mode of perceiving things. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a chemical compound contained in Cannabis, is responsible for the substance's effects.

It effects differently on different individuals and depends on how much anyone consumed. When you smoke Cannabis, you experience a high quickly than you would have experienced had you taken it orally, but the high obtained through smoking last for a shorter period.

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The high concentration of THC in dabs means that the effect is usually immediate and lasts for hours. Cannabis can induce effects such as

  • Relaxation and happiness
  • Hallucination of mild nature
  • Increased food cravings
  • Less stress

It is almost impossible overdosing with Cannabis, but it has the second-highest rate of emergency room visits, after Cocaine. Most of these hospital visits are blamed on accidents caused by intoxicated individuals.

The Increasing Thc Content In Cannabis Today

Since the 1960s, Cannabis THC content has increased around 300%, which has affected users' abuse and tolerance. The risk of accidents due to intoxication as well as dependency on the drug increases with higher concentration of THC in Cannabis.

The clinical aspects of Cannabis addiction can negatively impact a person's life.

Cannabis Addiction

Just the same way other substance dependencies develop, individual using Cannabis can also get addicted to the drug. Chronic Use of Cannabis effects the brain's dopamine levels, decreasing the natural production of the neurochemical.

As with other drugs, the brain reprograms itself to crave Cannabis. When Cannabis is taken, the person feels happy because dopamine levels rise, but soon its level diminish. Desire to stop using Cannabis and being unable to achieve that is a clear indication of dependency on the substance.

The risks associated to Cannabis use can affect the users' personal life. The risks associated to Cannabis and its chronic use can lead to the following consequences

  • Problems with law enforcement agencies
  • Low grades in School and College
  • Problems at work places
  • Weakened ability to learn and recollect things

You are a addict, if you are continuously taking Cannabis drug knowing its negative effects. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis Leading To Other Drug Use

Due to experimenting with Cannabis, people begin the utilization of more harder drugs like Cocaine, so it is considered as a entrance for other alcohols or drugs. The position of Cannabis as a Gateway Drug is mostly associated to teenage drug use, as teenagers are much more likely to experiment with other, stronger drugs. In past few years, more and more people have started abusing Cannabis, and majority of them being in their teen years. The risk of addiction to cannabis or other harder drugs is higher in teen Cannabis users than adult users.

Facts Related To Cannabis Abuse

Treatment For Cannabis Abuse

People who have been using Cannabis for more than a year are more likely to struggle to stop using it. Seeking help if you are a Cannabis addict is a smart option. Discussing your predicament with your counsellor and visiting support a support group are considered as the best options to medication. To learn more, contact us now on .