Lunesta Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

Lunesta Addiction

Lunesta (eszopiclone) is a sleeping medication, commonly prescribed to treat acute insomnia, it comes with a high potential for abuse. An addiction to Lunesta can develop fast and therefore, this drug is just intended for short-term use.

Lunesta is used for the treatment of sleep disorders because it has been classified as a sedative hypnotic. Because it is seen as a simple sleeping pill, its potential for addiction is often downplayed.

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In fact, Because of the high potential for addiction and abuse, the Lunesta is only prescribed by most of the doctors for short-term use to treat acute insomnia.

A man who is dependent on Lunesta may

  • Taking the drug for longer than provided for by doctor
  • Family and relatives are ignored
  • They become vulnerable and cannot stop using Lunesta
  • Always postponing stopping to take Lunesta
  • They fear that their life will be affected if they quit taking the medication
  • Use the drug to get a high
  • Unusual desire to take the drug
  • Begin mixing Lunesta with other drugs in order to increase its sedative potential

Individuals experience side effects such as sleep deprivation and uneasiness after coming out of a long term addiction to Lunesta. It may be difficult to overcome an addiction to Lunesta because of these uncomfortable symptoms, but the process can be made easier with the help of professional treatment at an inpatient rehab.

Medical experts can assist Lunesta addicts at the rehab centre to securely detox by checking their vital signs and overseeing withdrawal solutions. The user's sleep cycles may also be observed by the treatment team and it may also determine that which lifestyle changes could improve their sleep quality. Any psychological issues faced by the addict will also be evaluated by a therapist to understand whether the addiction is a result of such reasons.

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Lunesta Or Eszopiclone Awareness

A drug that slows the functions of the body and contains no benzodiazepine is called eszopiclone, otherwise known as Lunesta. Lunesta, Ambien, and Sonata all come under CNS depressants known as "Z-drugs," used as sleeping pills.

Whether as it is produced as 1mg, 2mg, or 3mg, Lunesta can come in blue or white colour and have a circular shape. Some people snort Lunesta to intensify its effects while it is designed to be taken orally.

Lunesta helps the user to sleep faster and longer by binding the receptors of the brain to slow overactive function of the brain. Sleepiness and reduced instability result from this.

The use of Lunesta is controlled and is only allowed for short period prescription only to avoid addiction. Addicts can get this drug fraudulently although it's not available for sale in local stores without any prescription. Sleepeasies, zombies, and sleepers are some other ways to identify this drug.

Lunesta Abuse And Effects

Many Lunesta users are lead to continued abuse and subsequent addiction as they incorporate the drug into their nightly routine as a regular sleep aid. Lunesta usage of more than recommended dosage or period is abuse. The several benefits offered by Lunesta motivate the people to abuse the drug. Lunesta has the ability to provide uninterrupted sleep, which can give an individual the feeling of being energetic and also improve cognitive functions on the following day. The high degree of peace and sleepiness it gives. Lunesta abuse is considered dangerous because it can increase the risk of an overdose.

Mishandling methods include

  • When the drug is used outside prescription regulations
  • Crushing the pills into a powder and snorting it
  • Taking more than the recommended dose
  • Obtaining and using Lunesta outside of specified period and dosage

Several factors need to be considered when looking at the symptoms of Lunesta abuse. These would include the quantity of Lunesta ingested along with other drugs or alcohol, which may have been consumed. Some Lunesta Overdose Symptoms include

  • Fatigue
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Respiratory distress
  • Vegetative state

Lunesta is not essentially a "gateway drug", but people get motivated to increase their doses with its continued use, which can lead to a potentially fatal overdose.

Combinations Commonly Used With Lunesta

Combining Lunesta with other drugs is an observation which has been noticed. Users will combine Lunesta with other drugs to get a stronger result. Many are unaware of the dangers of polydrug use.

Blending Lunesta with other resting pills can increase the medication's normal unfavourable reactions, including

  • Daytime laziness
  • Head pain
  • Foul taste in the mouth
  • Congestion
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat

Both alcohol and Lunesta inhibits the performance of the central nervous system, making mixing them very deadly. Lunesta effects increase when it is mixed with resulting in light-headedness, sleepiness, wandering mind, lack of clarity and poor judgment. Excessive drinking while taking Lunesta can cause difficulties in breathing along with hypotension.

The risk of overdose increase when Lunesta is taken with other drugs, and it can be fatal.

Lunesta Misuse And The Stats

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