Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

Ketamine Abuse And Addiction

Being Addicted To Ketamine

Ketamine is a drug of the hallucinogenic category that is often used by young persons. For human beings and animals, it is also used as anaesthetic.

When one becomes dependent to Ketamine, they end up feeling completely disconnected from their environment, making it hard for them to lead a normal and meaningful life.

At this stage, their speaking power and memory is affected badly and they become cognitively impaired.

Ketamine addiction symptoms include

To overthrow Ketamine dependence, support is a necessity. The changes to the brain chemicals make it very hard for the user to give up the drug, even if they want to.

  • Higher consumption
  • Over eagerness to use again
  • Spend large sums of money
  • Poor performance of tasks
  • Tolerance accumulation and wanting more
  • Neglecting relationships

With expert help, anyone can recover from Ketamine abuse. Treatment can help to steady the chemical balance in the brain, and in turn allow one to commence the mental recovery procedure.

What Is Ketamine

Ketamine is an anaesthetic for animals which is manhandled as a recreational drug and also known as Special K, Kit Kat, cat Valium, Dorothy and Vitamin K. It is mainly used by younger generations at the club and bar areas.

Ketamine is a schedule III controlled substance, sold as Ketalar which is the same classification as Codeine and Anabolic steroids.

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Schedule III drugs can prompt to physical reliance as well as mental reliance.

With time, consumers need to get higher doses of the drug to achieve the initial hit as its recreational effect is fast and short which makes people develop resistance to Ketamine quickly.

Without medical supervision, Ketamine use is forbidden.

Pills, white powder or liquid solutions are presentations Ketamine can be found in and it can be consumed, snorted or intravenously. It is notorious for its use as a predator drug as it has no smell or colour, is impossible to notice it in a beverage, and temporarily disables a person.

Misuse And Abuse Of Ketamine

Ketamine creates a feeling of total relaxation because its a dissociative hallucinogenic tranquilizer which causes a full body buzz. The effect of the substance is fast and short. The "K-Hole" effect is a strong aftermath that makes consumers feel completely disconnected from the real world and is only reached by users who directly inject large doses of Ketamine.

Sedative effects of the drug can result in serious danger for users of this drug because of a numb feeling.

It is not easily determined by the user to measure what amount is excessive because of its eccentric nature. One can overdose even with a small amount, particularly when Ketamine is taken after alcohol consumption of intake of other drugs. Total paralysis of the body can happen because of its sedative function. The most common cause of death from taking too much Ketamine is respiratory failure.

The Effects Of Mixing Ketamine With Other Drugs

The negative effects of Ketamine can be amplified when the drug is mixed with others, a very common practice. When taken as a liquid, Ketamine can be easily combined with alcohol, marijuana, or nicotine. Ketamine is a depressant in nature and therefore, it can be lethal when mixed with other depressants or alcohol.

When Ketamine is used with various depressants, it badly affects and decreases the heart rate as well as affecting the respiratory system.

In powdered form, Ketamine is mixed with other drugs available in the same form, like ecstasy, and the user takes the combination as a capsule or pill. Ecstasy has a stimulating effect while Ketamine has the opposite effect so the combination is very dangerous to the body. Hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs, such as DMT or LSD, are usually mixed with Ketamine.