Methadone Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

What Is Methadone

It is an analgesic. Methadone is ordinarily used to treat sedative addictions, particularly dependence on heroin.

Methadone though an addictive substance, is generally utilized as an approach to control yearnings for different sedatives.

Because it is easy to get addicted to Methadone, even though using it is lawful, it has been classified as a Schedule II substance by the government of America. Other Schedule II drugs incorporate hydrocodone and morphine.

Methadone affects the same opioid receptors from morphine and heroin to balance out patients and minimize withdrawal side effects on account of a habit.

Abusing Methadone

It is more readily available than other drugs because it is designed to cure drug dependence. But it is an intense sedative with possibly addictive qualities. The euphoric effects that are experienced by users of heroin, and morphine will not be available with Methadone because it has been formulated to work in the opposite direction and this drug is capable of blocking the pleasurable sensations which are delivered by other opiates. Methadone is illegally used by many people despite this information, and it is basically in their search for a high.

The usage is considered abusive, if somebody utilizes more Methadone than the recommended dose, or utilize it without a specialist's prescription.

When an addict uses it to curb a drug habit they are at great risk of just switching from their initial addiction to Methadone addiction.

Methadone Addiction

Methadone addiction is often overlooked and swept under the rug by the treatment physicians due to its valuable use in managing withdrawals. In any case, like other sedatives, addiction to Methadone is a very basic reaction.

The patient develops the addiction since this drug take the pain away. As the body adapts to the constant use of Methadone its effects are diminished hence desired results can only be achieved with higher doses.

Mixing Other Substances With Methadone

Negative interactions are common with other drugs because Methadone is classified as a depressant and is also similar to alcohol, which has the same designation. Addiction to more than one depressant at a time is not uncommon e.g. Methadone addiction and alcoholism. It is a conceivably lethal mix as the two together can bring about hazardously low pulse and respiratory collapse.

Methadone is best and most safely used alone. In the event that you or somebody you know has a dependence on Methadone and whatever other substance, get help now.

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Methadone Misuse Statistics

Rising deaths from 790 to 5420 people between 1999 and 2006 are linked to Methadone use.

When it comes to killing pain, 750,000 prescriptions were handed out for Methadone in 2008.

Between 2000 and 2001 the number of people that were treated for abuse of other opiates, which includes Methadone increased from 28,235 to 36,265.

It makes a little over 30% as a cause of death due to overdose.

Getting Clean From A Methadone Dependency

Methadone, similar to some other sedative is extremely difficult to stop. Despite the knowledge that it is not as powerful or addictive like heroin, it does hold significant withdrawal symptoms, which can be hard to overcome by yourselves. Pick up your phone and contact us on so we can help you on your road to recovery from Methadone abuse.