Speed Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

Getting To Know Speed In York

Amphetamine Sulphate is classified as a Class B drug and is known as Speed in the streets. In some cases, speed is a term used in identifying other terms of amphetamines.

Being a stimulant it offers the user an increased level of energy and alertness.

Speed is also taken for other reasons like

  • Feeling 'up', energetic and tending to talk a lot.
  • People use it as it provides them the ability to work or do things for hours without feeling exhausted, such as dancing, chatting, and taking part in social activities.
  • Speed may also cause people to become delusional sometimes, because of the hyperactivity of the mind that makes the person hallucinate.
  • And when the effect of the drug of almost wearing off, it makes the user easily irritable and extremely down.
  • This drug adversely affects the heart of the user where in some cases it results in death.

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Easily Identifiable Effects Of Speed Use In York

Speed heightens the emotions of users, makes them vigilant and full of vigour, on the other hand, it can make people nervous and violent.

It can also have other consequences

  • Speed causes over wakefulness, electrifies people and make them gossipy.
  • Extended stamina and endurance to perform physical activities (party people use this in clubs to keep them up all night long).
  • Previously, amphetamines were the major constituents in diet pills because they are capable of quenching hunger.
  • Speed use can result in disturbance, terrors as well as bouts of hallucinations

The Associated Dangers From Taking Speed Drug Abuse York

There are dangers associated with taking speed.

The following list describes what it can lead you to

  • In regard to the amount you have consumed, it can cause relaxing and sleeping problems.
  • The aftermath of the excitatory phase which takes a few days, users experience depression and are usually very weariness, making it hard to focus and comprehend.
  • Just like any other stimulants, speed overworks the heart making it more susceptible to failure or irregularity.
  • Another certain way speed kills is when it is made as a cocktail with other anti-depressants or alcohol.
  • Speed will mess up your immune system if you take it in large quantities that result in you being unable to eat or sleep enough - your defence mechanism comes down, and you become vulnerable to colds, flu and throat infections, fear, dejection, testiness, violence and obsessiveness, mental sickness and hallucinations.
  • Of particular risk is taking speed by injection.
  • Overdose occurs quickly with infusions.
  • Speed is mostly a concoction of many substances so what goes into your body is not clean.
  • The frequent passage of speed through the veins deteriorates them and in some instances, ulcers may even develop.
  • During injection especially when sharing injection equipment such as syringes and needles, user's risk spreading HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis infections.