Hydrocodone Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

Knowing About Hydrocodone

This is a strong pain reliever which addictive known brands include Hydrocodone, Norco, Vicodin, and Lortab.

Hydrocodone is the strong main substance in narcotic painkillers for moderate to danger pain. It is usually administered orally to deal with short-term dental as well as injury-related pain.

People may start showing symptoms of Hydrocodone addiction, for those who use Hydrocodone over a long period of time or in larger doses. Let us in if you or someone close to you is having a hard time with an addiction to Hydrocodone to obtain the best help call us on .

Hydrocodone is considered an "opioid", or a semi-synthetic opiate. Drugs like Morphine, Codeine and Oxycodone are similar to it.

In the central nervous system, Hydrocodone relieves pain by binding pain receptors (opioid receptors). This has an effect of weakening the pain signal in the brain to result in feelings of elation.

How Hydrocodone Is Used

Hydrocodone is usually combined with Acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol or ibuprofen which come in brand names that include Vicodin, Norco as well as Lortab. A pure Hydrocodone product is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration known as Zohydro.

The pills and snort may crush up or the content may be injected by those abusing Hydrocodone.

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In 2014, the increasing dangers of addiction and abuse of Hydrocodone combination products such as Vicodin were recognized by the lawmakers. And it was changed to the Schedule ll controlled substance from a Schedule III.

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Hydrocodone And The Brand Names

There exists a number of forms or versions of Hydrocodone sold in the U.S. Those who are addicted to Hydrocodone likely have a specific brand they prefer.

There are emotional and other factors behind that proliferation.

New users can easily become addicted to this pure substance whether medical or recreational. Hydrocodone, Vicodin, Norco and Lortab addiction could get out of control pretty quickly.

Vicodin Is Sold As 5Mg 75Mg 10G 300Mg

5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg are the various types of Vicodin which contains 300 mg of Acetaminophen. The common prescription is the one of taking a tablet every 4 to 6 hours, but the addicts usually consume a larger dose.

An FDA change in 2011 required all prescription painkillers to reduce their Acetaminophen content, though Vicodin once had a high amount of Acetaminophen in its pills. Liver problems may arise from the overuse of Vicodin. Between 500 and 750 mg of Acetaminophen are in the drug before the regulation.

It is reported that about 131 million American were falsely prescribed Vicodin in 2011.

Norco Can Be Found As 7Mg 10Mg 325Mg

This is usually available in two strengths; a 7.5mg or 10mg of Hydrocodone which is coupled with 325mg of Acetaminophen.

The Acetaminophen content of Norco was the lowest before the regulation. In an effort to avoid the increased risks of consuming too much Acetaminophen some addicts choose Norco. The level of Acetaminophen in Norco is second-to-none to any other drug, although it is still within the safe range.

For the first time, almost 2 million people tried opioids like Norco recreationally in 2012.

Lortab Is Provided In 5Mg 75Mg 10Mg 325Mg Doses

A prescription drug that combines Hydrocodone with Acetaminophen is Lortab. Its efficiency as a painkiller is enhanced with Acetaminophen.

Lortab may also be abused by those who have a legitimate prescription if they start taking more than recommended. Addiction becomes possible each time a user exceeds the dosage that is good for him.

18-25-year-olds are the highest percentage of non-medical Lortab use.

Zohydro Is Provided In 10Mg 15Mg 20Mg 30Mg 40Mg 50Mg

Zohydro is a prescription drug for any serious case of pain, the first of its kind to be certified safe for use by FDA and contains nothing but Hydrocodone. Use of Zohydro is carefully monitored and regulated because Hydrocodone can be addictive.

The possibility of people to become addicted to the drug was a source of concern for people when the government sanctioned its use. Due to the absence of Acetaminophen, Hydrocodone addicts usually preferred using it to cut down on the risk of liver damage.

The Effects And Abuse Of Hydrocodone

It will be hard to tell the abuse of this drug. An individual who has a legit prescription but chooses to use the drug contrary to the doctor's recommendation, will be considered to have abused it.

Abuse could either be in the form of consuming more pills than has been prescribed, carrying on the use of this drug beyond the recommended interval or using the inappropriate routes of administration such as snorting or injecting the drug. The 'high' that it causes is a key reason why many people abuse this drug.

The following immediate are included in the Hydrocodone abuse

  • Relaxing
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Intense joy
  • Tranquillity
  • Joyfulness

These effects can be created more quickly by the high doses of Hydrocodone. Overusing the drug can result from this.

Loss of concentration, excessive sleeping, and uncertainty are some of side effects of abusing the drug. The most ominous effect of Hydrocodone abuse is reduced or a stoppage in breathing.

Addiction To Hydrocodone

Brain reward system that based upon pain receptors and the brain's limbic system severely interferes. Continual Hydrocodone abuse causes a physical dependence on the substance and reprograms the brain for addiction.

After an individual is physically dependent on it, there is a need to prevent the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms which include muscle aches and nausea.

As they become tolerant to it, Hydrocodone addicts will need larger doses to avoid experiencing a withdrawal.

From mild to severe, addiction is diagnosed on a spectrum. Some signs of Hydrocodone addiction are based upon taking more than intending to and prioritizing drug use over professional and personal responsibilities.

Hydrocodone With Other Drugs

The abuse of Hydrocodone together with the other drugs increases the occurrence of the negative effects and could even end up in an overdose. Due to the negative effect of alcohol and Hydrocodone on the nervous central system, using them together can be fatal. Breathing may become difficult when the drug is used together with alcoholic drinks.

Heroin is not as expensive as Hydrocodone and can easily be obtained anywhere, qualities shared with Hydrocodone. Mostly those who end being dependent on Hydrocodone following its prescription will prefer heroin as a substitute after depletion of the former.

Hydrocodone Abuse And Statistics

The prescription opioids, of which Hydrocodone is a part, are the most frequent addiction in the US, responsible for about 1.8M addicts.

Hydrocodone Addiction And Treatment

This is a highly addictive drug. Breaking this addiction gets easier with the help of a medical detox and a professional treatment program.