Terms and Conditions for Drug Rehab York

Drug Rehab York Services Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions hold as between you, user of our website and potential customer, and Drug Rehab York Services UK, a double glazing Services Company, henceforth referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”.

The terms and conditions apply to you from the moment you arrive at our website or solicit for our services. We are obliged to advise that you go through these terms and conditions, and to discontinue your use of our website or abstain from enlisting our services if you do not agree to every stipulation contained herein.

No information contained on our website can be interpreted as a contract. A contract exists between you and Drug Rehab York when we confirm that your order has been received, processed and is being delivered to you.

Terms of Service

We are Drug Rehab York, a company based in the UK. We sell rehab services.

We also have a blog section where we provide advice on double glazing and general windows works.  The information contained in our blog posts are created from experience and knowledge. However, your application of any advice we provide is at your sole discretion.

  1. Definition of Terms
    • These definitions apply to our terms and conditions, unless clearly stated to mean otherwise:

Goods: The products we are set to deliver to you as stated in your Order and confirmed in our Order Acceptance

Price: Price stated as payable for goods or services that we deliver

We/Us/Our: These represent Drug Rehab York Services

Business Day: Any day that we are open the public as detailed on our website

Contract: The contract or agreement for the purchase and delivery of our goods and services

Website: Our website and any subdomain of the website

User: Anyone that uses our website and is not a Drug Rehab York employee

Writing/Written: Communications sent by post, fax, email or SMS.

  • Contract with Drug Rehab York
    • The following govern our supply of goods or services to you.


  • We advise that you read these contract terms and conditions fully and carefully before placing an order. We are available to help clarify terms you are not sure of.


  • Please ensure that your order details are accurate. If you need to make any changes to an order, please contact us with details in writing. All agreements with any Drug Rehab York representatives must be in writing to be valid.


  • We may need to make changes to your order so as to adhere to relevant regulations. If this is the case, we will let you know.


  • These contract terms apply as soon as we issue you with an order confirmation



The terms of cancellation may change from time to time. These terms apply as they are at the time of your order.


  • Your notification to cancel must be made in writing


  • If your cancellation is as result of failure on our part, you shall have no liability


  • If otherwise, you shall be liable to pay the costs incurred in fulfilling your order until the time of notification of cancellation.

Implications of Cancellation

We shall reimburse to you all the money you pay for our service excluding that stipulated in section 2.9

If you paid by credit card, we may deduct the amount covered by the credit card charge incurred by Drug Rehab York due to your cancellation.

  • Drug Rehab York Goods
    • All our goods have the properties listed below. Exceptions are clearly stated:
    • Drug Rehab York goods conform physically to their descriptions on our website
    • Our goods have the level quality that we claim
    • They are suitable for the purposes we have listed them for
    • Our goods are without manufacturing defect of any kind
    • All our goods are manufactured to conform to relevant regulations


  1. Defects and Errors

4.1 If we discover any typographical or clerical errors in literature concerning our goods and services, we will take immediate steps to rectify such errors.

4.2 If such error influences your purchase decision, we will take necessary steps to compensate any losses or unintended expenses where applicable.

  1. Delivery

5.1 We warrant that we will make every effort to deliver a good or service within the estimated period. However:

5.2 Dates are estimates and can be missed by a reasonable time frame.

5.3 You may not terminate a contract for the sole reason that we missed an estimated date

5.4 We will inform you of any delays in completing an order.

5.5 We advise that you let us know if the expected date of completion is especially important before you place your order. Where we find such time impractical, we may decline the job.

  1. Our Liability

6.1 We accept liability for all foreseeable loss or damage that we are directly responsible for. By foreseeable we mean a breach of terms or a contemplated loss or damage during contract agreement.

6.2 Otherwise, we are not liable for:

  1. Indirect loss of any kind
  2. Loss of profit or income

iii. Loss of business

  1. Damages due to inconvenience
  2. Contact Details

We guarantee that these contact details for Drug Rehab York are accurate and valid: