Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in York North Yorkshire

What Is Crack Cocaine

Cocaine addicts try to achieve the "high" they felt after using Cocaine for the first time every time, and the is why they need more of it, which leads to dependency.

Crack Cocaine is a substance similar to mineral, which means it is strong and has a white colouration. To get crack Cocaine, which is its most potent form and looks like a crystal-like, sodium bicarbonate is combined with ammonia to form a paste, which is then left to dry so it can crystalize. Inhalation of smoke from burning it is the method used to ingest it.

Popping or cracking sound this substance produces when it is heated is responsible for its name - crack Cocaine. Crack is also called base, hardball, hail, sleet and rock to mention a few.

We offer help to those who want to quit their addiction, it could be you or someone around you. If anyone is fighting crack addiction, contact us and we will help you.

Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. People consume Cocaine by smoking it so it reaches brain quicker than snorting it. As a result, it makes the user very high in a very short moment. However, this high doesn't last long.

Crack Cocaine is a highly risky drug because of its potency which makes lethal overdose a real possibility. Overdosing may even happen to first-time users of crack.

Below are the immediate effects of smoking crack

  • Intense happiness
  • Increased Energy Level
  • Anxiety
  • Inclination to talk more than usual
  • Confidence. They become over confident.

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The possibility of an overdose is raised when users take bigger and bigger doses to maintain those not long living effects of crack.

Dilated pupil and sweating are the beginning of being overdose. Nervousness, aggressive behaviour, seizures and/or hallucinations are some of the symptoms of an overdose. Smoking crack can be so lethal to those who have kidney problems or high blood pressure. The crack Cocaine will cause such complications in the body and it may be deadly.

Crack Cocaine Dependency

Ordinary Cocaine is far less addictive and strong than crack Cocaine. Some users can even become dependent after the initial use, which means that the crack dependency grows fast. Addicts need a bigger dose of the substance to keep the high they feel that is so enjoyable, but also very short. This quickly grows into dependency at which point you are completely hooked.

From there it is a vicious cycle of highs and lows and more use rendering one a slave to the drug. Crack releases extreme amounts of dopamine, a chemical that creates a feeling of happiness in the brain and smoking crack decreases natural creation of dopamine, which is why the previously mention things happen.

Once hooked all the addict can think about is their next fix and this becomes the centre of their very existence. Dangerous consequences of crack abuse are often ignored by the addicts.

Development Of Crack Addiction

Crack is mostly consumed by those who has been drug users for some time. Many people have been addicted to Cocaine before they try crack out. Crack is more pocket friendly than cocaine which is why many addicts switch i.e. it's a more economical option. The cost makes it more available to people especially in the more susceptible situations. A dependency on crack Cocaine can quickly turn into a costly habit that requires a lot of money per week to sustain, just because the user requires more of the drug to make the effects last longer.

Crack Abuse Statistics

There is barely any data on rack abuse given its illicit nature.

Quitting The Crack Abuse

Find the correct treatment can re-teach the brain to naturally produce dopamine again and return it to its natural, healthy self, without having to depend on crack Cocaine. Get your life on the right track by taking the first step now.