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What Is An Intervention?

Intervention is an expertly guided, education process which results in direct meeting of friends, family members and/or employer with the person who has problems with addictive substances. Addicts are in many cases unwilling to look for treatment and usually deny their issues. They might not understand how badly they and their loved ones are affected by their behaviour. Intervention assists them to connect their alcohol and drug use with problems in their everyday life.

The aim of the intervention is to give a structured chance to the addict to accept help and to avoid hitting rock bottom by making changes on time.

How Does Intervention Work?

Most of the intervention process is information and education for the family and friends. The chance for everyone to be at one place and share information and support is vital for the process. Meeting to share concerns with one who needs assistance to quit is a major step.

Can An Addiction Specialist Help?

You can get important help for organising an efficient intervention from advising with an addiction expert, like an alcohol and addictions counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker or interventionist. A drug use or addiction specialist will consider the circumstances surrounding the substance abuse, propose the best approach, and give guidance for the type of treatment and plan which is most likely to work.

Having expert help may be preferable but most often interventions are conducted without an intervention specialist. Intervention sometimes conducted in expert's offices. In order to help you stay on track, it is important to have the professional attend the actual intervention if your loved one

  • Has a history of serious mental illness
  • Has shown violent behaviour in the past
  • Has demonstrated self-destructive conduct or as of late discussed suicide
  • Is taking multiple mood-changing substances

This bring positive results to take consultation from Intervention experts if you suspect some kind of violence and self destructive act done by your loved one.

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How Successful Is Intervention?

Perfect. When done with someone who has training and experience in the field of interventions, more than 90% of people decide to get help.

Can Intervention Fail?

It can. But, as it is told above, most of interventions end with success. An individual sometimes avoid to take help at the Intervention process, but return back to us for help in some cases.

Who Can Help With Doing An Intervention?

We know that most successful interventions are professionals directed at Drug Rehab York. Who to be invited to participate in the intervention is being determine with the help interventionist. The success of the intervention is making sure that the right people are involved.

Where Is The Beginning?

Intervention may not be suitable or even necessary for all situations and all families. You should contact your nearest Drug Rehab York Affiliate to find out what may be best for you or your family if you feel an intervention could be helpful.