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Addiction To Codeine Treatment

One of the most frequently prescribed and easily approachable drugs in America is Codeine. Millions of Americans use this drug.

Codeine's role as a pain reliever and reducing coughs, can over a long period of time lead to an addictive habit that is hard to drop. Prescription drugs and different rehabilitation methods used well, equally assist patients to regain normal physical health. Medical care for your addiction to Codeine is available. The first step towards living drug free life rests with you. Overcome the addiction now.

There is therapy that can keep you away from abuse whether Codeine is the only one or just one of the many substances.

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Rehabilitation Centres For Codeine Dependency

For the people with severe Codeine addiction, an alteration of atmosphere can conduct to greater possibility of recuperation. Checking into an inpatient medical facility will allow you access to a medically managed regime that will help you in dealing with the withdrawal related stress. To assist recovering addicts learn how to live healthy, happy lives without Codeine, inpatient facilities also offer group counselling and specialised support . Inpatient care also caters for relapse conditions and provide a comprehensive therapy package to meet every individuals need. .

Rehabilitation Centres Equipped for Codeine Dependency includes but not limited to

Detoxing From Codeine

A well-motivated patient who understands self-care can achieve quick recovery from Codeine addiction and overcome withdrawal signs with ease if supervised by a medical practitioner whilst detoxing.

Soliciting assistance from doctors to supervise withdrawal is the best alternative method. Rehabilitation could require the use of prescription drugs to assist in the withdrawal of a patient from Codeine dependency. It is easy to slide into drug addiction without noticing and hard to get off. "Better safe than sorry," rule of thumb applies.

Insomnia and unhappiness are some of the withdrawal side-effects regardless of Codeine being less strong than opiates like Heroin. Other symptoms associated with Codeine withdrawal include

  • Muscle cramps
  • Diarrhoea
  • Anxious state
  • Cold flashes
  • Insomnia
  • Shivers

Sudden drop of habit could lead to dehydration, vomiting and failure of body system to channel stomach contents away from the lungs. The most commonly used Opiate for addiction to Codeine recuperation is Suboxone, which consists of Buprenorphine and Naloxone.

Suboxone can assist in the recovery from a hard drug dependency pattern. Removal side-effects of giving up Codeine are eased by the Buprenorphine in Suboxone. Naloxone avoids or reverses the intoxication caused by the drugs in case the patient relapses. Treatment of Opioid overdose is done with Naloxone. Furthermore, Buprenorphine when it is taken by itself, can be used in the first stages of recuperation.

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Inpatient Codeine Rehabilitation

A cleansing period at an inpatient treatment clinic is how Codeine therapy starts.

Inpatient rehab provides a serene environment where people can receive care in a stress free and uninterrupted manner free from all temptation to relapse.

Inpatient treatment duration of recovery range from 30-90 days, the balance tipped more towards the severity of addiction, longer for serious and shorter for less serious cases of drug dependency conditions.

Continuing Recovery

Ongoing treatment after inpatient rehab is critical for a persistent recovery. Successful reintegration will require the person to boldly face his/her past temptations along with the risk of relapsing with no foundation to fall back to. You need a strong support group and encouragement to assist you stay focused on the path of recovery. Counsellors and support groups are very instrumental in helping people overcome any cravings and also in handling any unresolved issues

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You can take full control of your life again from Codeine dependency with assistance from our team of professionals.