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The Falsehood Of Methadone

As an opioid, Methadone is used as a substitute in gradually managing the withdrawal symptoms from heroin or morphine addiction during detox.

Battling an addiction with Methadone can be challenging and therefore, an individual must never hesitate to ask for help if they need it.

Its value as a treatment drug during rehab predominates it's equally addictive potential.

If you are combating an addiction with Methadone, you should not consider yourselves alone. Methadone has been plaguing people throughout the country that are looking forward to recovering from their opiate addiction and is causing significant harm despite some of its better qualities.

The detoxification process may be daunting, but is relatively less intense and violent compared to heroin or morphine.

Beating Your Methadone Addiction

It is always difficult to beating a compulsion that has become a normal part of your life for quite a while. This is because the body and mind is fully conditioned to operate only under the influence of Methadone, perceiving this as its normal state.

If you worrying that life is severely affected because of heavy reliance on the drug, it's an ideal opportunity to beat it.

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What To Anticipate From Treatment

Methadone treatment is generally divided into three parts. Detoxification, inpatient treatment and outpatient therapy.

  • Detoxification
  • Detoxification is perhaps the most challenging part of the treatment from the perspective of your physiological being because your body needs cleansing after years of chemical reconditioning.
  • Inpatient Therapy
  • This process involves counselling and treatment sessions aimed to break the habit, acquire distraction and care in a safe and conducive place.
  • Non-residential
  • Since quitting Methadone may be the greatest challenge you will ever have to face, you can continue your treatment while getting on with your life with non-residential counselling.

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Methadone Detox

Long after the effects of the Methadone are gone, the drug still lingers inside the system because it is an extended release drug. This is part of the reason why people take large doses because the effect takes a while to kick in so they attempt to speed it up.

Detoxing from Methadone can be as troublesome as detoxing from heroin. These opiates have similar effects upon the body which can include nausea, muscle cramps and vomiting. A therapeutically regulated detox may incorporate buprenorphine to facilitate the manifestations of the withdrawal, and in addition lessen the time it takes to detox.

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In case you're battling with a Methadone addiction, it is important to understand you're not the only one. You need to give up on this drug for good regardless of whether you are using Methadone for painful conditions or as a method to stop the use of other opiates. Call us and we will journey with you on your path to recovery.