Methadone Addiction Withdrawal and Detox in York North Yorkshire

Methadone Withdrawal Defined

It takes a short while for the side effects of stopping Methadone to be experienced but they are not fatal. A medical detox can help in reducing the withdrawal symptoms.

When Methadone is used in increased amounts, a person's body can easily become dependent on it. The medication is normally used to treat sedative addictions that results in addicts exchanging one habit for another. The tolerance to Methadone can develop quickly if it is ingested frequently and this quality of the drug provides a clear indicator that the user will require to consume additional quantities of the medication to achieve the desired effects.

A person will become fully addicted if they cannot function properly without its use. Individuals with a dependence on Methadone will begin to show signs of withdrawal symptoms if they discontinue the drug.

The body will go through a period of adjustment as it tries to function without Methadone, and that is why the withdrawal side effects manifest. Even as the body makes an attempt to re-establish normal function's withdrawal symptoms that are uncomfortable to occur and make the process of recovery difficult.

It is recommended for Methadone addicts to detox in an environment that is monitored by detox specialists because the withdrawal procedure can produce dangerous side effects. Detoxification is aimed to fully getting rid of the drug from the patient's system and it is offered in both outpatient and inpatient care.

The withdrawal procedure is distinctive for everybody. The withdrawal symptoms along with the duration will vary according to the severity and the length of the addiction of the user.

Detoxing also depends on client's body chemistry and resistance which influence their side effects and the time taken to successfully come out of the withdrawal process.

Indications Of Withdrawal

The level and kind of withdrawal from Methadone are like those of different sedatives, for example, heroin and morphine, however not very serious. Withdrawal symptoms of Methadone are generally moderate and assemble a flu like condition.

Individuals with Methadone addictions that are severe will experience withdrawal symptoms of the intensive variety. The poly-drug addiction also aggravates the patient's situation in beating the odds to recovery.

Some of the effects include

  • shakes
  • Pyrexia
  • Uneasiness
  • Muscle spams and aches
  • Vomiting
  • Perspiration
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Stomach spasms
  • Being angry
  • Distrustfulness
  • Loose bowel movements
  • Urges to take the drug
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Delusions
  • Sorrow

The sudden discontinuation of the habit will result to more violent withdrawal manifestations. Normally Specialists prescribe decreasing utilization of Methadone to make the withdrawal procedure more endurable.

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Period Of Withdrawal

The common immediate withdrawal symptoms from Methadone use appears as early as 24 hours from the last dose. But for the body to completely cleanse itself of Methadone, it usually takes somewhere from fifteen to sixty hours. It may take more than a day for the side effects to manifest in other individuals.

How the patients body responds to the treatment will determine how long the side effects will be experienced but it takes about a month or 6 weeks. If you need assistance finding a rehab facility that suits your requirements, contact us now on 0800 772 3971.

The first week up until the tenth day are found to be more intense in nature with anxiety and paranoia making the process burdensome. The side effect will eventually wear off as time goes by.

Withdrawal Timeline For Methadone

  • The First 24 hours
  • The withdrawal symptoms would have made their mark within a day of the last dosage of Methadone ingested by the user.
  • Individuals will also experience physical symptoms such as chills, fever, rapid heartbeat and muscle aches during this period.
  • On The Second To Tenth Day
  • The cravings for Methadone will become intense over the next week.
  • Clients may have to deal with neurosis, fantasies and sleep deprivation, and additionally anger and nervousness.
  • Fever and body pains will continue to exist but are likely to subside toward the end of this period.
  • The 11th To 21st Day
  • At this stage the physical symptoms would have begun to recede.
  • This is where the depression may start while the drug cravings persists.
  • Depression can become extreme and a few patients experience depression and lost interest in life.
  • Days 22 And After
  • The side effects will be less intense at this time, although some may persist.
  • The challenge of dealing with depression may surface from time to time which makes this stage a bit tricky.

Eliminating Methadone From Your System

Methadone detox is safe and highly efficient when it is completed at a drug treatment facility or a hospital. Detox of Methadone should be done under the guidance of a specialist to keep withdrawal side effects from getting to be life-debilitating.

Restorative detox concentrates on gradually decreasing the dose and the treatment is spread over few weeks. This method ensures that the severity of the withdrawal symptoms is reduced, and this is usually the method recommended over quitting cold turkey. It sometimes take a long time when you are reducing the quantity of intake.

Treatment For Methadone Dependency

Patient can get customized medical attention when they are admitted to the addiction centres. Being admitted in a treatment centre will go along way in helping a person fully addicted to the drug to withdraw. The outpatient approach can be a lose option for a mild Methadone addict.

If you or someone you love is combating with a Methadone addiction you are not required to suffer alone any longer.