Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in York North Yorkshire

What Are The Signs That One Is Using Of Heroin?

Heroin addiction is associated with the most adverse side effects compared to any other drug. Awareness of the symptoms characteristic of a heroin abuser can be helpful in saving his or her life.

Compared to most drugs, the addictive effects of heroin are quite strong. Most of heroin's users are incapable to live their routine without taking the drug although they don't want to be hooked on to it.

Knowing whether or not someone is using heroin may not be easy especially since they may go to great lengths to conceal it. Although you could rely on track or needle marks to prove heroin abuse, it is uncommon for new heroin abusers to use injections.

A few indications of heroin use are

  • Red and swollen eyes
  • Tiny pupils
  • A rapid loss of weight
  • Developing secretive behaviour
  • Their appearance may start to change
  • No enthusiasm
  • Marked drowsiness or nodding off
  • Constant money borrowing

Heroin And Its Risks

The addictive effects of heroin are not new to most people and many are aware of just how much havoc the drug can cause. There are indirect risks that can be life-threatening as well as the short term and long time effect of the drug.

Viruses such as hepatitis and HIV are not uncommon among heroin users, particularly those who inject the drug.

The act of injecting the heroin and sharing needles with other users puts the addicts at the risk of contracting viral diseases that are in the blood. The other thing that could account for high rates of viruses among heroin users is the attendant risky sexual behaviours. Spontaneous abortion for pregnant women is at high risk.

Trying to take one's own life is widely spread among heroin users. In some instances, users will intentionally overdose. There is a much higher risk of suicide in people who are dependent on heroin in case they had other previous mental health problems such as depression and bipolar disorder.

Trying to kill oneself can be a direct consequence with the unhappiness that originates from removal. You should contact us now for assistance if you or you loved one is fighting with a heroin problem.

Other symptoms of heroin addition are

  • Feelings depressed
  • Suspicious
  • Severe skin burning sensations
  • Unable to clear bowels
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Sluggish talking
  • Having collapsed veins
  • Experiencing nausea as well as vomiting

Heroin side effect uses to get worse over the time. A prolonged period of use, could potentially lead to a destruction of the immune system as well as the internal organs. Getting diseases that are communicable and noncommunicable becomes much easier too. The heart, liver and lungs of the heroin user are also likely to suffer from various afflictions.

It is easy to die from a heroin overdose since the drug reduces the rate of breathing and slows down the heart. Brain harm or coma could also result from a nonfatal overdose.

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How To Identify A Heroin Addict

Trying heroin can easily cause dependence because it has physically and psychologically addictive effects. There are 11 distinct signs of heroin addiction stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Abusing heroin, starting to resist it and taking it having in mind the terrible effects are part of those 11 signs. A person who has more symptoms indicating addiction, the greater the severity of heroin addiction they have.

Many addicts get medication for heroin yearly and the choices of cure accessible to support people into beating this devil are numerous.

Physical dependence that stems from abuse of heroine results in addiction.

Heroin Addiction Intervention

Those who are hooked to heroin, more often are hesitant on seeking treatment. Some heroin addicts initially don't consider their dependence an issue, therefore hesitate to seek treatment. Some usually give up especially if their addiction is serious and they've already tried unsuccessfully to quit on various occasions. The best way to persuade them to get help may be staging an intervention in either scenario.

Withdrawal And Treatment

Physical craving comes along with overdoing heroin and this is what best describes its dependence. Removal effects and a craving for bigger quantities of heroin to feel high are indications of physical addiction.

Quite different from drugs that don't lead to physical addiction (for instance Cocaine and marijuana), heroin addiction is associated with withdrawal effects that could result in extreme physical pain and this develops so fast, about two hours from when one last used the drug. Giving up heroin also has various psychological challenges.

Part of the symptoms of heroin withdrawal are depression, cold sweats as well as muscle pain.

Residual symptoms may last for several months but typically symptoms last about one week after the last use of heroin. The help of a professional treatment centre and medication to safely manage heroin withdrawal is often needed. A person seeking help form a treatment centre will also get support and therapy in a safe and opulent environment. If you are suffering from Heroin addiction, you should try to find a rehabilitation centre near you.